Why Stimulation Beats Suction

Dec. 18, 2023 | 1 min read

Annabella Team
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New moms looking to pump milk can run into all sorts of problems: insufficient milk production, difficulty finding the right flange size, pain or discomfort while pumping,… The list goes on.

And did you know that one factor can contribute to ALL of these issues?

That factor is the method used by the breast pump. And “suction” just isn’t cutting it.

Suction, Er, Sucks

The breast pump was invented in 1854, with the goal of creating pressure around the nipple to squeeze out milk. This process was both painful and ineffective. Over the years, breast pumps developed and improved, but all still relied on that suction method to extract milk.

Extraction, though, isn’t the same as milk production. The key to increasing lactation is the release of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin, which are naturally triggered by the baby’s suckling motion. Unable to simulate this motion, traditional pumps make it tough for moms to actually increase their milk output.

Annabella: Stimulating!

Designed to reconnect with the natural processes of milk production, Annabella represents a whole new frontier for breast pumps. Instead of relying on suction alone, the Annabella pump stimulates the breast through a tongue mechanism that mimics a baby's suckling motion. This helps boost prolactin and oxytocin levels and leads to more natural, comfortable milk production.

Yep, breast pumping methods have finally caught up to what we know about the body's natural processes, and can work with them rather than against them. It only took about 170 years.

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