Annabella breast pump

Multi-layered mechanism that automatically mimics the baby’s suction.

  • More efficient – gets more milk.

  • More quiet.

  • Easier to use.


Our main features


The Annabella pump is more efficient and gets more milk out of the breast in a shorter time.


The Annabella is quiet. It doesn’t make a loud noise which wakes up the rest of the house.

Like a baby

The Annabella makes the breast produce more milk, by imitating the baby’s sucking motion and causing the “baby effect” on the breast.


Choose your own speed and power. Whatever suits you best.


Connect the Annabella pump with our “brain app” which doesn’t just synchronize our pump, but also allows you to see statistics and learn more about your pumping process.


The Annabella pump is light, small, chargeable and designed to travel with you.

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What Make Us Awesome!

Amanda Marks Recommends

Amanda Marks consults parents for many years. She saw our pump and wanted to share her feelings.

Quite Pump Process

Masha Waldberg is the founder of the Annabella and the first tester. In this video she shows you how quiet the pump really is.

How The Pump Work

This short video shows the way our pump works

How a Baby's Mouth is Formed for Breastfeeding

This video shows how the pumps are suppose to work, according to the way babies breastfeed.


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Our Little Story


Our story begins with the birth of Annabella (Anya), when Masha became a mother. Masha already had a running business and she had to pass all the management to her CEO, in order to make time for Anya. Very soon she wanted to go back to work, but she didn’t want to give up breast feeding.


This is how Annabella started! When Masha didn’t find the right pump which could do the job, she decided to build one herself. Masha wanted to make her life easier, but it turned out she could change the lives of millions of moms around the world.

We get a team

First Masha found the best team of engineers and they built a model. Then as a company,we applied for a provisional on the patent. Then we made an Indiegogo campaign and raised over 110,000$. Now we are busy making a few working models in order to send lactation experts all over the world to get their feedback.

We are looking for

Investors and partners who can help us finish the Annabella sooner and get us to the next level.

Our Team

What do mothers say about our product ?

Jessica Macko

One step closer to the Cadillac of breast pump.

Stefana Antonova

Single pumping mom in Bulgaria here. I am counting the days till annanella pump launches on the market!

Jami Pieher

I am soooo excited for this to launch!


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