The only breast pump in the world that feels like a real baby.

  • Imitates the natural motion of baby’s tongue and suckling motion
  • Pleasant feeling 
  • Efficient,  fast, pain-free pumping
  • More milk, less time
  • Portable

Our main features



Annabella pump is more efficient and gets more milk out of the breast in a shorter time.

Like a baby

Annabella makes the body produce more milk by triggering hormones that are responsible for milk production and ejection. Making moms actually produce milk while pumping.

One size fits all

Choose your own speed and power. Whatever suits you best.


Annabella pump is light, small, chargeable and designed to travel with you.


Annabella is quiet. It allows discrete pumping in any place you choose.


Connect the Annabella pump with our “brain app” which doesn’t just synchronize our pump, but also allows you to see statistics and learn more about your pumping process.

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What Makes Annabella Awesome!

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Our Little Story


Our story begins with the birth of a very special
Baby girl named Annabella (Anya). Anya’s mom was a successful business woman that wanted to have it all, motherhood and a successful career. Anya’s mom, Masha threw herself into research before Anya’s birth. She got ready for Anya like it was another B.A she was studying for. She knew how important breastfeeding is for her and for her baby. She also knew that breastfeeding and having a career is going to be a challenge.


When Anya was born, Masha could not understand what was happening. She bought the best pump in the market but it just didn’t do the job. The vacuum was too aggressive, the noise was off-putting, there were too many parts to clean and assemble every time. Masha knew all about breastfeeding and how babies suckle. The realization that breast pumps were nothing like a baby was shocking to her. This is how Annabella started. Masha simply could not accept the fact that this is how breast pumps work. Something had to be changed. Little did she know that this little spark of an idea is going to change the lives of millions of moms all around the world.

The Idea becomes reality

Throwing herself into research, with little Anya by her side, Masha teamed with Senia, Ron, and Uri, to assemble the best team of engineers that they could find. Together they developed a patent-pending mechanism that is designed to imitate the baby’s natural suckling instinct. The team was able to replicate the tongue and other motions of the baby’s mouth, creating a breast pump that  can trigger mother’s natural let down reflex and extract more milk in a more efficient, fast, and pain-free way. To make it more suited to the modern women, the team made sure to make a small, light, and quiet pump, with a long-lasting battery and an App to pair with. The app  can collect information and send real-time recommendations to optimize the pumping experience – making sure moms are using the pump correctly and getting the most out of the product. 

Our achievements 

The team applied for patents all over the world: USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, India, Canada, Australia and more.
Annabella’s in house testing results are off the charts! Renging from 30% more milk to 300% more in some cases!
Phase one of the safety and EMC tests were completed successfully and all the necessary permits for the clinical trials from the Helsinki committee and Ministry of  Health were granted.
Backed by strong influential investors, the main focus now is to complete the engineering for mass production and make sure Annabella will reach every household.

We are looking for

Collaboration and funding from whomever shares our dream to revolutionize the breast pumping world and create a line of new innovative products that replicate the natural breastfeeding process into a friendly device  

The Faces Behind Our Success

our work inspires smiles

Uri Yaffe

Founder & CEO
15 years experience as CEO and VP Sales/BD in technology companies. Restructured and sold e-SIM to Sky Mobile Media.

Ron Edelman

Early development and creative innovations expert with 12 years of experience in the tech industry.

Reinhold Cohn

Patent Attorney

Masha Waldberg

Founder & VP Product
A successful serial entrepreneur and the driving force behind Annabella. Expert researcher in the breastfeeding and breast-pumping field.

Amir Shiner

Over 20 years of executive experience in the development and commercialization of medical technology products.

Abraham Moran & Co

Advocates and Notaries

Senia Waldberg

Founder & CMO
Marketing strategy export with vast experience with online marketing, and large scale campaigns.

Adi Shfaram

Advisory board
Co-founder of Aran Research & Development Ltd, the leading Israeli product development company. Developed numerous consumer and medical products from concept till shipment.

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הכרישים משקיעים מיליון דולר בסטארטאפ אנבלה, וגם זוהר גילון מצטרף

הכרישים מסיימים סבב גיוס נוסף באנבלה והפעם מצטרף אליהם המשקיע האגדי זוהר גילון, לו כבר מעל 50 אקזיטים.
2020 Aug

פיתוח ישראלי חדש: משאבת החלב שמרגישה כמו תינוק שיונק

משאבת החלב היחידה בעולם שמדמה יניקה של תינוק, תעזור לאמהות לא לוותר על הנקה בשלבים מוקדמים של יציאה לעבודה. אנבלה תעלה בקרוב למדפים ובנתיים הספיקה לככב בתוכנית הכרישים, ולהפוך להשקעה המשתלמת ביותר בתולדות התוכנית.
2020 Jan


Masha Waldberg, Co-Founder & VP Of Product At Anabella speaking at ILTV Studio about Anabella that produces the only breast pump that imitates the suction of a baby.
2018 Nov

Israeli-designed breast pump promises to suckle where others just suck

Husband and wife team launch crowdfunding campaign for Anabella, which aims to solve problems moms face when pumping breast milk. Mothers who have just given birth and are breastfeeding know how hard it is to be available 24/7 to meet the demands of their babies. Many make use of breast pumps to draw out and store milk so someone else can bottle feed the baby, giving moms time to resume their careers or even just get some off time.
2017 DEC

Tiralatte: da Israele un nuovo dispositivo

Le neomamme che hanno appena partorito e che allattano sanno quanto sia difficile essere disponibili 24 ore su 24 per soddisfare le esigenze dei loro bambini. Una ricerca medica israeliana ha confermato l’importanza dell’allattamento al seno, in quanto riduce il rischio di cancro nei bambini ma molte donne utilizzano il classico tiralatte per conservare l’alimento in modo che possa essere sempre disponibile e per riprendere la routine lavorativa.
2017 SEP

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