Frequently Asked Questions


There are several reasons for low suction levels in a breast pump, the first of which is usually worn-out washable parts or incorrect assembly of the parts. For more information please click here .

Please review our warranty policy here and replace any broken parts before your next use of the Annabella pump.

There are several reasons why your pump is showing an error message, please click here and review chapter 10 in the IFU document.

For information about The Annabella breast pump warranty policy please click here .

You can track your order status and shipment process through your email. Annabella send shipping confirmation out with every order.

You can check out our full delivery and return policy here.

At Annabella, our commitment to customer safety and product quality means that any returned pumps are responsibly disposed of, ensuring they are neither refurbished nor resold. This approach is a key part of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and providing every customer with a brand-new, top-quality product for peace of mind.

Our shipments usually take around 5-7 business days.

The Annabella breast pump is available on our website, for more information about the pump and how to purchase it, click here

Shipping fees and taxes may be applied to your order. Please review our shipping policy here

Please review our shipping policy here

The Annabella breast pump is only available online through our website currently. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter for more information and news.

Please visit our learning center for helpful information and tips about your pumping experience .

Choosing the correct breast pump settings is different for each mom, we invite you to visit our learning center here. to find out how to choose the correct setting for you.

If you are experiencing pain while pumping, please stop using the pump immediately. Your pumping experience should not be painful or uncomfortable. Please see our support video here. If you are experiencing pain you should reach out to a lactation consultant or doctor immediately.

Of course! Please review our Assembling Your Annabella Pump video here to help you get started.

Please review our How To Clean Your Pump  video here to help you get started.

There are several ways and habits that can help you maximize your pumping experience. We invite you to visit our leaning center to find out what works best for you.

We've made measuring for your perfect fit easier. Please review our training video on breast shield sizing here .

The Annabella washable spare part should be replaced every 3 months for regular use. For exclusive pumpers you might consider replacing silicon parts more often. Click here for more information about usage type and parts replacement schedule.

Of course! Simply pay with your FSA/HSA debit card at the checkout or pay with another card and submit your receipt to your plan administrator for reimbursement.

The Annabella breast pump comes with two 18-24mm breast shields, and you can also buy additional 25-28 mm breast shields at the link here.

The Annabella breast pump is designed to be used with the tongue to maximize milk output. However, you can absolutely use the breast pump without the tongue if you have inverted or flat nipples, or if you are looking to decrease your milk supply.

The Annabella breast pump has a unique design that is not suited to all pumping bras in the market. You can order a pumping bra that is compatible with your Annabella breast pump here .

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Of course! Please consult with a lactation consultant or contact our support team here.

Yes, we ensure Annabella pumps are safe for both mom and baby.

The Annabella vacuum seal housing is designed as a backflow protector that not only prevents milk reaching the motor but also acts as a barrier between the air that comes in contact with your breast milk and the air that comes in contact with the pump’s motor.

Every mothers pumping experience is unique and there is no correct amount of time. If your experience is pleasurable and you are producing your desired amount of milk then you are set. If timing seems to be an issue, please visit our learning center to help guide you and troubleshoot any issues you might have.

Annabella is designed to imitate baby’s sucking as close as possible, this includes replicating baby’s suction rhythm, tongue movement and also the shape of the mouth. Annabella’s aim is to get as close as possible to a feeling of breastfeeding while using the pump. To find out more about Annabella’s special features, click here .

Annabella comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 hours.

The Annabella breast pump has a safety feature that prevents you from using the pump while it is charging.

Of course! Our pumping specialist would be happy to assist you. For more information click here.

By contacting our pumping specialist right here.

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Please share your feedback with our customer service team via our contact form here.

Of course! Annabella is an FDA-approved, 5(10)k class || medical device. Regulation number K230672.

Full User Guide can be found here.