Someone Had To Do It

Annabella comes from a personal place, from a drive to do things better – and more naturally – than ever before. We’re about helping not just moms, but whole families. And about improving lives every day and on many levels. With the only pump that mimics the baby’s tongue, we offer unmatched technology and unwavering passion for our purpose.

The Spark

Our story begins with Masha Waldberg, a first-time new mom to daughter Annabella. Looking to learn everything she could about babies and breastfeeding, Masha quickly ran into a problem: no pump, anywhere, worked right. The process was always difficult and the feeling was never natural. “As someone who loves technology,” Masha says, “all I wanted was a breast pump that did what it was supposed to do: extract milk efficiently.” Instead she learned that, from their origins in the 19th century, pumps used cow-milking machines as their models – and were STILL using that same “vacuum” principle from the 1800s. (Seriously.)

It was confusing and frustrating, to say the least.

The Leap

After endless research and study, Masha and husband Senia, her partner every step of the way, set out to 
3-D-print a pump that functioned more naturally. It was
a humbling experience, and took more time and energy than they expected. But it was also inspiring – an eye-opener to the possibilities of better things. Along with co-founder Ron Edelman, they began a process of further research, development, and testing new models. Every day for six months, Masha went to different mom groups to learn more about what a more natural and effective breast pump should do. 

In 2017, while the group was still busy parenting youngsters and doing other full-time work, Senia shared a video of the Annabella prototype on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming. People were intrigued and excited. They wanted to know more. And it wasn’t just moms. It was dads and grandparents. It was doctors and nurses.   

With additional founder and CEO Uri Yaffe, the team continued onward, bringing countless others – from developers to moms volunteering for trials – into what became a game-changing brand.

Going Forward

Annabella has come a long way since those early development days. We’re now an established company with a structured consumer medical-product development team. Our large-scale production line offers quality assurance and a top-level supply chain, and we’re meticulous about every part of the process. Our products have undergone all required testing and received FDA approval, and have already met tremendous success in Israel.

We’re no longer just a young married couple with little Anya. But our original goal remains the same: to introduce innovative products that will make the lives of moms – and those around them – easier and better. 

This means never ASSUMING what people need. Each of us is an individual with individual needs. At Annabella, we take all feedback seriously and never minimize what our moms (and dads) are telling us. The result: more natural products that lift every one of us higher.