Finding Your Breast Shield Size

Dec. 18, 2023 | 1 min read

Annabella Team
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For a comfortable and efficient pumping experience, you need a breast shield that fits right. That’s where we come in. Annabella’s shield is suitable for all sizes in the 18-24-mm range – which is where most women are. This shield also offers a special feature: It’s adjustable, making it suitable for any size within this range.

How do you know if the breast shield that comes with the pump is the right size for you? Figuring it out is a snap. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Click on the link and download our measuring tool.

Step 2

Print the ruler, which is made up of semicircles, to measure the diameter of the nipple base – where the nipple connects to the areola.

After birth, the baby will react to its mother's voice, instinctively recognizing it.


Cut out the semicircles and check which measurement (half-circle) fits your nipple snugly, with no gaps. If the appropriate half-circle falls within the range of 18-24 mm, it means that the breast shield that comes with the pump is suitable for you 👌. 

Step 4

To increase or decrease the breast shield size, use the tongue-height knob. The number 1 represents the largest size, and 4 is the smallest. We recommend adjusting the tongue height using the dial according to the sensation during pumping – choose the tongue height that creates the most comfortable pumping experience. (Remember: Your nipple size may change throughout the breastfeeding period, and you might find it more comfortable to pump at a different tongue height later on).


Are you finding that the appropriate half-circle for you falls outside the range of 18-24 mm, between 25-28 mm? This means you need a larger size than the one that is provided with and is currently available for purchase on our website. A breast shield for 25-28 mm is currently available on our site here.

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