Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand

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Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand

Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand

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Stable and secure bottle holder platform, for storing and preventing spilling. Made of high-quality, BPA-free materials.
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Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand is a must-have accessory designed specifically for use with the Annabella breast pump. This bottle stand offers a stable and secure platform, keeping your bottles upright during pumping to prevent spilling.


Made of high-quality, the Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand ensures the safety of the pump’s parts and the purity of your milk.


The stand is dishwasher-safe making it easy to clean. It is designed specifically for the Annabella pump, and will fit your pumping routine like a glove. The hassle-free maintenance along with the comfort that the stand provides, make this item the perfect complementary product.


Please note: the Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand is specifically designed for use with the Annabella Breast Pump and may not be compatible with other breast pump models. The breast pump and bottles are not included.


Instructions of Use:


Place the Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand on a flat and stable surface such as a table or countertop. Before using the Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand, ensure that the bottle is securely attached to the stand. After the bottle stand is securely attached, it will stay in place during the pumping session, providing stability and preventing tipping or falling. 

Once you have completed your pumping session, carefully remove the breast pump from the bottle stand. Be cautious when removing the bottle from the stand, and prevent any spillage.

Cleaning Instructions: 

  1. To clean the Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Holder remove it from the bottle. 
  2. Wash the bottle stand with warm soapy water. Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge to gently clean all the surfaces. 
  3. Allow the stand to air dry or use a clean towel to ensure it is completely dry before storage. 
  4. Store the Annabella Breast Pump Bottle Stand in a clean and dry place until the next use.

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Everything was uncomfortable until Annabella

Everything was uncomfortable until Annabella

I knew I had plenty of milk even when the nurse didn't. Annabella proved me right!

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Best Tech I've Used

Tongue Simulation Made My Pumping
Experience So Fast.

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Pump Comparison Check

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Super Easy For This Busy Mom

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Adjustable Breast Shield

A seamless custom fit for you, with snug silicon grip and adjustable shields ranging from 18-24mm.*
*25-28mm available separately


We made it easy to pump faster. Just click the connector onto the pump body and off you go.

Tongue-Level Adjustable Knob

Adjust as you pump. This knob will adjust both shield-size and tongue-height for optimal comfort.

BPA Free Bottle

Store your milk safely knowing we use nothing but the best materials for mother and baby.

See The Annabella Difference

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Why Moms Choose Annabella

Tongue Simulation

Technology that simulates the babies tongue, known to support hormone secretion that promotes milk production pleasantly.


Adjustable Fit

Adjustable breast shield
for optimal milk output
and comfort.


Effortless Setup

Get ready to pump in five simple
steps — because moms have no
time to waste.


Portable Use

The portable pump with a
chargeable battery allows moms 
to feed on the go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Please review our How To Clean Your Pump  video here to help you get started.

Please review our warranty policy here and replace any broken parts before your next use of the Annabella pump.

There are several reasons why your pump is showing an error message, please click here to review our troubleshooting video and find out how to solve it.

For information about The Annabella breast pump warranty policy please click here

The Annabella washable spare part should be replaced every 3 months for regular use. For exclusive pumpers you might consider replacing silicon parts more often. Click here to watch our Getting Started with Annabella video for more information about usage type and parts replacement schedule.

The Annabella breast pump is designed to be used with the tongue to maximize milk output. However, you can absolutely use the breast pump without the tongue if you have inverted or flat nipples, or if you are looking to decrease your milk supply.

If you are experiencing pain while pumping, please stop  using the pump immediately. Your pumping experience should not be painful or uncomfortable. Please visit our learning center here. If you are experiencing pain you should reach out to a lactation consultant or doctor immediately.